The artist is longing to retire; the artist is examining its most recent turd, making sure it is no longer a piece of art, but simply a piece of turd.
4K Video, 05:22

Blue Hour Pink Moment
S16mm film transferred to HD video, 07:28

Black Car
S16mm film transferred to HD video, 08:43

Urban Turban Gritty City
S16mm film transferred to HD video, 5.1 channel sound, 02:10
SD Video, 57:00

one out of two mystical possibly magical passages tumbling the hell away from this godforsaken place
Performance, flyer, and passage

This work was part of the outdoor exhibition Five Throusand Generations of Birds, where 16 artists were invited to produce new works to be displayed on 16 small islands in the archipelago and nature reserve Fitjar in Norway. To fasten and secure the artworks from the weary wind and waves, one could drill a 12mm hole into the island – which was the biggest permanent intervention nature preservation regulations allowed. The only physical work the sharlatan Øy-vind (Island-Wind in English) did on his designated island, was drilling a 13mm hole into it. He then mopeded around the rural area handing out flyers, talking to locals, and informing of this proclaimed passage.


Passage located at N 59° 55' 36", E 5° 16' 32"

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